13 months 5 days

so, thanks to my wonderful freind nate, i get a free wedding page for info on where the wedding will be, links to stuff to buy us and stuff like that. hooray for nate!

i am having a heck of a time finding what flowers bloom in late august and early september! bah!

heather is going to do the photographs. yay! i really like her work. and she likes doing it. no price yet.


Blogger monkeylovenut said...

i think heather charged us 400 or 500 $ for our wedding pics.
flowers.. we had lotsa roses,lillys,and ivey etc.., but it was prob shipped in from somewhere. are you looking for a actual florist? we got ours at hills florist in toronto, i think on queen st. they were really good,i recomend them:)!! just tell them youre budget and the lady who meets with you can recomend things to fit it:)

10:54 PM  
Blogger nate lacroix said...

Hill's florist is actually on Bloor, just west of Cristie Pits

9:45 AM  
Blogger monkeylovenut said...

oppsss. .. thanks for the correction honey. i forgot

11:49 AM  

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