7 months 2-3ish weeks...

ok. it's FINAL!

we are getting married sept. 9. 2pm, at the wards island association clubhouse.
71 guests, about 5 who most likly won't come.
32 invitations to send
14 cars to find parking for. that should be fine. i'll scout the area before i send out invites.

we are doing at all paper. paper cups (for hot, plastic for cold), paper plates, paper napkins.
i guess you'd call it a hippie wedding. pot luck desert. (2 s's or one...i never remember...)

we are going to get a rubber stamp made and stamp all the cups. maybe the plates too?

hopefully we can do it outside (there is a fenced in yeard), but inside will do just fine.

hmmm, what else?


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