8 months

so, i want my families at my wedding (mom and dads sides) jason gave me total controll. as long as i come up with the money. (minus the $ we already spent that my parents gave us, about $650) he wants a really small wedding. my family makes up over half our guest list. i'm not really sure what to do now. i think i can save the money myself. about $1500. i have to make a decition soon cause we need to send out the invitaions in a couple months so that means i need to book the site at least.
if we do it "large", we will do it pot luck desert. i will pay for the beverages. i also have to save for photographer, decorations, my dress, guest favours, tea cup rentals , paper plates, plastic forks (yea, really low budget)geeeze what else? invitations, i dunno. the other plan was to have sepreate family partys, but i'm not sure i want to do that, thats a whole lot more to do. this way we get it over and done with in one day, rather than 3.


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