11 months and 17 days

we got confermation from the minister lady. we are most definetly getting married sept 9 2006!


11 months and 14 days

i like figuring out how long. it makes it more real. the time is going by so quickly.

i'm still very sad that my extended family won't be able to come. i'm going to ask my mom to help me throw a party with my family. i can wear my wedding dress again and i think it will be fun.

for decorating the site i was thinking of using indian saris. they are like 6 yards long and very elegant and colourful. we could use them for table cloths and to hang for shade.

jason is so cute. he wants lots of flowers, and lots of different kinds. i think he thought that when i mentioned that i wanted dahlias for my bouquet and that i wanted seasonal flowers that i only wanted dahlias. silly boy.

i'm so excited



i sent out the cheque to the minister lady.
i also have to make sure i don't spend the money my dad gave us.
as well, i have to call to book the picnic spot.