12 months 10 days

we have decided on a spot. on the island, picnic spot #36...unfortunatly there are no maps showing all the picnic spots. but it has an over hang, is close to the ferry and is near water, cause jason wants to be right on the water. fun.


12 months 13 days

i've been prodded by erika to post more! thanks doll!

ok. heres the new deal.
1. we can't afford the wedding i wanted
2. jason doesn't want a lot of people
3. even if we could make enough, i don't want to spend the money. $3000 could be put to much better use at this point.


we talked it over and are doing a very very small wedding.
my parents, step parents, grand parents, all his complicated parents, my sister and a handful of close friends. a total of 40 people. my criteria for friends is: people i have been close to in the past and want to continue freindships with, and a couple people i am getting closer to now and want in my life for a while too.

the list is (and may change a bit depending on if in about 6 months when we send the invites if i still feel close):
nate and erika (and ty)
dan and heather
james and annikka
savannah and marc
allie and josh and her 2 girls

i think we are going to still do it on the island, but not rent a place. with a back up plan if it is going to rain.

yup. tiny.

i'm sad that we can't invite more people. maybe the rest of our familys will throw us partys!

i really hope no one gets ofended.

i don't like being so poor.


one year and 26days

we are going to nix the sandwiches and stick with scones and fruit and cookies and veggies. and tea, punch and coffee. maybe some sparkling grape juice too.


13months and 2 days

how awkward. what do you tell people when they go "AM I INVITED??" and they arn't? i've been saying, "oh, i' don't have the guest list done yet. it's going to be a small wedding. ". and that will do fine for now...hopefully they will get the point. but when it's closer! my god, i don't want to be rude! but i guess if they are silly enough to ask...


13 months 4 days...yes, still

more dresses...
i'm starting to see a theme,
v neck, empire-ish waist.
still really like the 2 peice on the other post lots

13months 4 days (again)

some dresses i like.
i'm going to hire my cousin to make one for me.
it'll be a lot more simple than these even. no lace and stuff.

i think this one is my favorite

13 months 4 days

i'm having a heart attack!
so far, our total for the wedding is at just under $5000. i know, for a wedding thats not bad at all. some people add a 0 onto that. or more. we are counting on ourselves to pay for it though. sigh. maybe we should just elope.


13 months 5 days

so, thanks to my wonderful freind nate, i get a free wedding page for info on where the wedding will be, links to stuff to buy us and stuff like that. hooray for nate!

i am having a heck of a time finding what flowers bloom in late august and early september! bah!

heather is going to do the photographs. yay! i really like her work. and she likes doing it. no price yet.


13 months 7 days (still)

looking for a good rental company for spoons, forks coffee mugs, a three tiered serving tray...it looks like it will cost $300 for all that happy stuff.

13 months and 7 days.

we need money! i want to book our location...but we have no funds at the mo' so we can't book a place...good thing we have 13 months!

our plan is to have it on the toronto islands. it will be an afternoon wedding. out side, with afternoon tea. crustless sandwiches, scones, coffee, and of course tea! yippi!