3 months 2 days

we finally got registered at the bay we have 4 pages of stuff. now we just wait till the gifts come to see what we really get.

the invites will be done by tuesday.

my dress should be started soon.

i need to think of a gift to give jason and sarah, and garth and dylan cause jason won't!


3 months 4 weeks.

eeerrrrm. i though i should update or something.
not much going on.
the site is done! yay for nate.
but i'm not linking it. it'll be on the invites. wich i havn't heard about in a while. i thought they where done...i'm goiong to send them out in a couple weeks.

what do you do? i have been invited to a friends wedding. i don't have her on my list. cause we're having a tiny wedding. i didn't think i was invited to hers (i didn't invite her out of spite, but it did make it easier). so i'm not sure what to do.