5 months 2 days

today i got fitted for my dress. i hope it's ready in time!!! it has to be done by mid august becasue she is going away for 2 weeks. i hope it's done! i'm so noivus.


5 months something something

josh and ally can't be ushers. they are going to be in the east. so i pick adam and jeff. both out going people who won't be ascared to greet the unknown. they get to greet people off the ferry, and then herd them into formation when the ceremony is about to begin. things are slowly falling into place.
donna is going to take me to cstco to get plates and napkins and forks and spoons this weekend.
i just realized that i have to get fitted for a bra before i get fitted for my dress.
i need nice earings and a necklace and maybe a braclette. i need gifts for everyone who i asked to do things.
i'm so excited!!


5 months 2 weeks and 4 days.

the fabric!!!!!!!

i'm so excited!
i'm going to get a dress maker to make it. i'm too scared to do it myself! the white is the under fabric too. i really like how it photographs!

5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days.

i'm getting cold feet!
do i REALLY want to spend the REST OF MY LIFE with someone...?
i think i'll be ok. sending out the STD (ha!) cards freaked me out a little. in the next month and a half i need to send out the invites...they arn't even done.
the guest list isn't really done!
i had a dream about the wedding last night. i had forgotten it was the day. everything was chaos. but i stayed calm! woo hoo!

off to buy fabric for my dress today.


5 months 3 weeks 4 days

sending out my save the date cards. most everyone knows...but i made them magnets so it will be on everyones fridges soon!
what else.
still stuggleing with who to invite.


5 months 3 weeks and 5 days

i got my dress pattern! i'll most likely do the double layer. the back is a v like the front. i lke the panels on the side. noe it's time to shave off a few inches on my belly and thighs. get a little firmed up.


5 months and 30 days

less than 6 months till i am mrs. foster!!!
sunday i go out with my mom and sister to look for wedding dress patern and fabric!