6 months, 2 weeks

awww poooooooo
talked to heather last night about her photographing the wedding...awwwwwwcrap $1250. thats our whole buget. she said that she would have knocked off some for our gift. but gah!
so the solution is, i tell her the budget we have, she see's what she can do. i dunno. i'm not even sure if i can cut it in half. i think i'm going to tell her $500. i'll cut my list hugely. i feel so badly though. for both of us.


6 months 3 weeks and 5 days

i found some dresses i can make for my wedding dress. it'll probably be cream. maybe with another colour accent...i dunno...

whitch one do you like? (click on the picture to make it bigger)

i like all the styls in this pattern

i like the short fuller one (orangy)

the full halter

the short one

the short one...it'll be more casual

with straps

the longer one


6 months and 29days

i got my save the date cards done. most of the envolopes addressed.
i didn't realize the 2nd is a long weekend. one aunt is already pissed. i'm worried noone will come now that its a long weekend.
oh well.
i also got enamel paint for the guest favours.
i am collecting a whole bunch of teacups, one per family unit. and will put in tea or hot chocolate of coffee depending on the family. maybe some chocolates too. and write "Rebecca and Jason 09/02/06" on the cup. so i can start that now too. i should get ahold of my cousin leanne. she offered to design and make my invitations. i don't have to send those for another 4 months or so. what else could i do in the mean time? start buying napkins and paltes from the dollar store! that way i spen $5 here and there instead of dropping a lump near the date. i should re-talk to dan and heather. i hope they are still available!!!! i'm so worried. i need to know how much heather will cost. and if dan will play a song or 2. we are getting jasons aunt to sing acapoco (as jason said) some stuff too. i wonder if there is a sound system! shit.
i'm going to ask some people to be ushers and stand at the ferry docks and tell people where to go (the WIA is not very far at all from the docks).

what else can i do so i'm not crazy the week before?
the dress should wait. i'm planning on being a different size in september.
i could start buying tea to serve. that will keep.
definetly make up the guest favours.
should we register? i guess we should. i just want money! ha ha
meh, i'll think about it later.