4 days!!

got the marriage licence.
i'm so excited!
i don't need to buy anyting else!
got the last little bit sunday.

i need to fix my dress and hem jasons pants, both by hand. gah!

i'm also worried people won't bring food!


1 week 6 days

i got a whole bunch of stuff today with my mom. now we are down to drinks, fabric, a pen for the guest book, flower tape, ribbon and thats it!!!!!

tomorrow is hair with erika.

then bachelorette on wednesday

then clean the hose on the weekend so we have a new clean hose for our new life.

the wednesday after that is my mani and pedi.

then i better have everything done!!!


2 weeks, one day!!!!!!!

my dress is done.
sunday is vallue village/good will hunting for white table cloths and vases...a coffee maker too? oh, and silver trays.
the guest list is down to 60. my stupid grove family is stupid and 2, maybe 3 families arn't coming. reasons for 2 of them are blamed on "long weekend fun" fuck that...
eeeerrrrm. bought strawberrys to freeze for sangria.
going to get my hair done on monday at nate and erikas. jason too!!



ok, one month. lots of little things to do.
my dads side of the family is retarded. but thats ok...i don't realy care anymore.
i hope people like their guest favours. i spent a whole lot of time on them.
still am!

meh...not much to talk about. just getting things done.